Vacuum Mattress 90 x 210 cm

Preventing further injury to the patient is one of the most important tasks of emergency care. The vacuum mattress supports and immobilizes the patient enabling safe transport in situations in which spine injury is suspected.

The most important features of the Vacuum Mattress include durability, light-weight and easy to use.

Telespro Vacuum Mattress has a unique structure composed of two layers, which makes it particularly durable: the fabric base outer layer protects the vacuum inner layer.

The Vacuum Mattress is still light and easy to use. The Vacuum Mattress base has 14 strong fabric carrying handles attached to the sides of the base bag. This design evenly distributes the weight and pressure of the straps on the patient and vacuum mattress to facilitate lifting and carrying. Patients should be easy to move even in difficult locations. Below the base is a separate channel for spineboards or scoop stretchers for support. With such add-ons, the Vacuum Matress may be used as a stretcher.

Base Outer Layer

  • 14 fabric carrying handles
  • color-coded harness with 4 quick clasps
  • 2 packing straps with quick clasps
  • valve protective pocket
  • platform under the velcro closure alley for spineboard or scoop stretcher
  • the patient's head alignment marking

Vacuum Inner Layer

  • sturdy, durable, but easily form-fitting and lightweight design
  • durable materials
  • compartmentalized internal structure for even distribution of filling material
  • easy-to-use vacuum pump valve with integrated nozzle
  • velcro fasteners to attach to the base outer layer

The vacuum mattress meets requirements of the SFS-EN 1865 standard,


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